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Seamount College Curriculum
Seamount College follows the Department of Education & Science courses leading to Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate.There are teachers available to cater for students who experience difficulty in certain subject areas.We provide a comprehensive range of subjects that are offered at all levels.Junior Cycle


Religious education, Irish, English, Mathematics, French, Science, History, Art, Home Economics, Geography, Business Studies, Civic Social and Political Education, Choral Singing, Computer Studies, Technical Graphics, Games, Speech & Drama.

Senior Cycle

Students opt to take the traditional leaving certificate  or the LCVP programme

Core Subjects

Irish, English, Mathematics, French,  Religion

Any two/three  of the following:

History, Geography, Home Economics, Music,Biology Chemistry,Physics, Business, Art, Accounting,Design and Communication graphics.

Transition Year

Transition year is optional after Junior Cert for all students. It aims to provide a learning structure which promotes maturation through highlighting student achievement and exploration.


Full school examinations are held at Christmas and Summer. Trial examinations are held after the February mid-term break for those sitting public examinations. Full reports are sent to parents on the completion of each term detailing academic progress, conduct and attendance.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Seamount College has a strong tradition of encouraging extra curricular participation for all students.
Click here for more information on extra-curricular activities


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